wot 2 do wiv the 1.8spi lump
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Thread: wot 2 do wiv the 1.8spi lump

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    Question wot 2 do wiv the 1.8spi lump

    over the past few days i been wondering wot i can do this 1.8spi cav 2 speed her up a bit,was gona go 4 twins carbs,but thats out the window,as u cant get a inlet manifold wiv square ports,cause apperently my ports r square,.so that went out the window,then i thought bout a sri transplant,but i aint got the tech no how 4 that 1.and cant afford a 2 pay a garage 300 plus 2 do it.
    so wot bout chuckin a 2l head on mine?can it b dun,cant c y not.

    any info wood b helpful
    or any suggestions
    Hey Mr Saxo Boy,Get Out My f--king Way!!!.

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    Fit pistons from a 1.8 carb'd engine, 2.0 SEH head, cam, loom, ecu.

    Makes for a revvy great engine!

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