flywheel ringgear on c20xe/f20
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Thread: flywheel ringgear on c20xe/f20

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    flywheel ringgear on c20xe/f20

    anyone ever had to put a ring gear on a flywheel?

    ive just got mine and i think i have to heat the ring gear to expand it and , when it cools it holds on to the flywheel?
    is this correct?

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    jonix :I don't know if I should be rebuilding it or ragging the nuts off it.

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    Not a job for home unless you have oxy/accetaline bottles as you need to heat the ring till its blue all round then it should just about fall on the flywheel as its expanded so far.
    Be sure to fit it the right way round!!!!
    I supose you could try gas mark 6 in your oven though all the ones I fitted I used the oxy on.
    Make some carrying hooks from wire coathangers to position it over the flywheel as grips may cool it too much.
    Drove: C20xe'd Astra 3 CD, now turned into a c-max diesel!

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