new user needs turbo diesel mods..
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Thread: new user needs turbo diesel mods..

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    astra td

    new user needs turbo diesel mods..

    im a proud 1.7 td astra owner, but im depressed with the lack of power compaired to a friends. hes got the izuzu engine,while ive got the low blow gm version.i believe its about 20 bhp less.
    ive added a k+n filter cos it was cheep.

    does anyone know how to add more boost to the low blow turbo. its very quiet, you wouldnt know it was a turbo. i want it to be louder

    i believe you can get a dump vale for diesels, does any one know where from and how much?

    what are the best mods for my car.

    also i want to fit a boost guage, is it hard

    ive finally got rid of the f word...(ford)

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    The best mod for your motor would be to fit a petrol engine!lmao
    Boost gauge is easy! See the how 2 section on cavweb!
    As for mods like dump valves never seen a diesel with one!
    Sir, please step away from the car

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    Dont listen to him keep the diesel. if u look back a few days there was a similar post called 1.3sr or td in it there was some general information on how to tune up the 1.5td engine and some links i think it might be of help

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