Calling All Throttle Body Users
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Thread: Calling All Throttle Body Users

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    Tom and Adrian

    I don't have a picture of the engine at the mo, I will try and sort one out.
    The setup doesn't use MBE management at all.
    Jenvey direct-to-head TBs are used with an air tight alloy airbox fitted over them. Then it is connected to the standard airmass meter and a cone filter in the standard aitfilter position.
    It is controller by the standard Bosch ECU with a Unichip making any corrections needed to the map.
    Currently with the standard manifold and cat still fitted it makes 173bhp at 6500rpm. I do have an SBD type A manifold to fit which shoud (according to Steve at SBD) give something in the range of 8-10 bhp, plus I may remove the cat. So I think 180bhp is very achievable which is also the figure Steve at SBD gave me for one of his 196 kits with a type A manifold and 2" exhaust system. To get the quoted figures out of SBDs kits Steve says you need a Type C manifold (350) and a 2.5" exhaust system which all adds to the overall cost.
    As for the noise, it is very very nice, much queiter than Animal's but still very obvious there is something different under the bonnet.


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    Cheers, Steve (dowding)!!

    Could you let us know where you got this Jenvey setup from? It sounds mightily interesting, and a very viable modification for me!

    Were you running a standard exhaust or something else when you had those figures out?

    Oddball, that clears things up then! (heaves a sigh of relief that his mods did not cause a drop in power)
    The ONLY white Astra GSi on the island!!

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