V6 Clutch/Flywheel Advice Needed
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Thread: V6 Clutch/Flywheel Advice Needed

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    V6 Clutch/Flywheel Advice Needed

    Hi all,

    I'm getting the flywheel lightened and balanced on my V6 Cav (C25XE engine & F25 Gearbox). While I'm at it, I'll get a new uprated clutch too, as the car's still on it's orignal one which has done 94000 miles.

    My questions:

    1.) What's the maximum I should get it lightened by? (I know Courtenay and Regal take off a whopping 9.4 Kg off the orginal 15 Kg)

    2.) What make & model of clutch should I go for?

    3.) The bloke doing the work for me asked if I wanted the clutch lightened and balanced as well.
    Is this recommended and if so, by how much should it be lightened?



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    The clutch doesn't want lightening.
    Courtenay get the V6 ones down to about 7KG
    Not easy to do without a mill, as you can't just take it off the edge, as you need to leave pillars for the clutch mounting.
    You get more benefit the further from the centre you lose the weight, so that's where to concentrate.
    A Turbo clutch will fit just the same, and they are good for 200BHP +
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