Hey folks yes i'm posting again lol.

A few weeks ago i had the chance to buy an induction kit off a 2.0 16V eco-tec engine so i took it. I fitted it to my car, it was just a generic cone and i just wanted to see how the car ran with it.

It fitted fine, but was mounted with cable ties as it wasn't a kit for the astra, however it fit just fine. I drove the car with it on for about a week, the fuel economy went UP!?! i looked to see if it was restricting the engine and the only thing i can think of was the surface area of the cone was somehow smaller than the panel or something? anyway it went up by a clear 5-10%!
However at the same time i found that i had lost midrange punch and the car didn't always start on the first throw of the key, in the end up i took it off and went back to the air box, the fuel economy returned to normal and the car felt nicer to drive.

I then at the start of this week got myself a pipercross induction kit (not viper) and fitted it to my car, it was the correct one for the car, and it looks really good on the car. I was a bit reluctant to fit it to the car after my previous expieriance.

I fitted the kit and gave it a day to bed in, that took me to last night so last night i look the car out for some spirited driving. Now i have never believed that induction kits actually do anything (on any car with a decent air box, like mine) but the throttle responce feels much more crisp. I don't think i have gained any more HP (maybe 1 or 2) but between 2-3K RPM the car feels much more torqueay <sp?>
also at 4K RPM, exactly, the note of the engine totally changes it gets LOUD and my car isn't quiet but its at 4K exactly and it changes instantainiously!
I keep a close eye on my fuel at all times but in the short time i've had it, fuel economy doesn't seem to have changed.

I feel cheated of my beliefs lol, but i'm happy.

Just thought i would share my little story with you guys