How to test HES part of loom?
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Thread: How to test HES part of loom?

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    How to test HES part of wiring loom? HELP PLEASE!!!!

    I think i have a dodgy connection going from the Hall Effect Sensor in my dizzy to the ECU as i have tried 3 dizzies and keep getting the following ECU fault code:

    94 - Hall Effect Sensor - High Voltage

    The HES plug has 3 wires so plan was to use a multimeter to make sure there is no breaks in the wire leading to the ECU plug. Snag is, theres 55 pins on the ECU plug and i dont know which ones are for the HES

    However, I managed to find a PDF file describing each of the pins:

    Can anyone work out which 3 of these pins are for the Hall Effect Sensor (HES) as its not clear.

    I saw the following:
    Pin 31 - voltage to CYL ID (HES):t1 ignition on / running 11v to 13v

    maybe thats one of them.. what about the other 2?
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