I have had a distant light scraping noise for ages, which gets worse the harder you accelerate. Then the other day after a gearchange from 2nd to 3rd it did a huge clonk which you could feel as well as hear, it felt like something jammed for a split second and then was ok for the rest of the journey.The light scraping noise persisted however, not always there but mostly. Then the following week it did a few more big clonks, and the scraping noise appeared to be getting louder. Then when pulling away from a junction the scraping noise had turned into a clonk (or clunk whatever!) that was rhymical and felt like the rear wheels were running over bumps... so i stopped and disengaged 4 wheel drive, which stopped the rhymical clonk, but the occasional massive clonk as before still happens more when climbing hills.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.