Erratic idling, could it be blockage?
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Thread: Erratic idling, could it be blockage?

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    Question Erratic idling, could it be blockage?

    Ive just changed the rocker cover gasket and let her tick over for a few mins just to make sure everything is alright.

    After about 2 mins of idling rather high (about 1750 rpm) it went down to about 1100 rpm.

    Then after another minute or 2, while my head was in the engine bay, it suddenly went down to a very low rpm, very close to the point of cutting out. I ran to the dash to see what the rpm was, but as i got there it picked up all by itself and went back to a rather lumpy 1100 rpm again.

    I wasnt touching anything in the engine bay, just mearly observing the rocker cover (cam cover) for the new gasket.

    I know the chokes are **** on these pierburg carbs, but surely it wouldnt make it do that!

    I was thinking some sort of crap in the petrol causing a temporary blockage? Am i being silly?

    Any ideas?
    GTE 16v

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    sounds like you could have pulled or broke a vacuum pipe somewhere
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