As some of you know i've been trying to find out if you are able to remove the C20LET from the car, whilst leaving the TXB and Gearbox un-disturbed, I can now say 100% that it can be done, and really isn't that much trouble.

1st Dis-connect everything on top, and remove the head.
2nd Remove the cambelt pulley wheels and tensioners, along with the water pump so the engine can be moved to the left of the bulkhead.
3rd Support the weight of the block with an engine crane, and remove the engine to box bolts, and left engine mounting completely.
4th Support the gearbox and pull the engine away from the box, once the engine is completely away from the gearbox shaft you can start to hoist the engine.

I know the tried and tested method is to drop the subframe, but as the head was already removed for diagnosis it seemed a bit much, and on the plus side i don't need to worry about the gearbox and txb.

Big thanks to eveyone on here and Gav@Wallace, and John A(Nova16v)