Clutch trouble
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Thread: Clutch trouble

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    Unhappy Clutch trouble

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem. The clutch on my nova has been really heavy for a while now. But a couple of nights ago I think it completly went. I managed to get the car home by putting my whole body weight on the gear stick to change gear. But when I arrived home and tried to park the damn thing just wouldn't go into reverse all I would get was "CRUNCCCCCHHHH!!" so I had to push it in. I wonder the actual clutch has given up or if the cable just needs adjusting (the cable hasn't snapped") TIA

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    there's no adjustment in the clutch.

    Check the cable at the gearbox end, may be fraid.

    If the pressuer plate has made it that heavy, then it need replacing How Tos . The two most life changing experiences you'll ever have. Finding Jesus, and having a baby.

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