been at my mates today tring to sort his wiring with a LET fitted.

hes had the let in there for about 3 years all has been hunky dory, is running P3.5 with no problems, about 3 months ago it was in a rear end shunt, car was fine then as it was driven to the body shop, he had it all repaired including some welding on the rear end, drove it back from the body shop(about 50 miles) and put it in the garage, next dat he took it out tried to start it and loads of smoke came from behind the dash and under the bonnet, the main swithched 12+ve(black wire) had completely melted from under the dash all the way to under the bonnet and stopped short of the ecu by about 2 foot, some one came aout and stripped the loom and tried to sort it but made it worse, the person also cut the black wire behind the dash, but ive found out where that comes from so thats ok, but he also has a toad alarm/immobolizer, and the other person also cut 3 of these wires which makes it confusing, ive got 3 cut black wires but i dont know which way they go.

but 1 is quite easy to figure out as the other 2 were taped together but they have been stripped away.

anyone have any ideas?