Sump bolts loose ?
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Thread: Sump bolts loose ?

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    Sump bolts loose ?

    In search of where the f*ck all that oil (that was poluting my mom's driveway) was coming from..
    i discovered something:
    ALL of the bolts of my sump were loose !?
    it's the 2nd time this happens on my LET
    Last time i used loctite to secure them... (when rebuilding all of it)but that doesn't seem to work well...

    any idea about how to solve this ??
    (besides redrilling with bigger tap like M8 or so...)
    i don't want to get the engine out (again !) !

    thnx 4 any info !

    Azz ! grazz ! and gazz !

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    Loctite will only work if both threads are clean.

    the blind holes are probably full of oil and sealant.

    run a tap up them and spray em with degreaser to clean em out. How Tos . The two most life changing experiences you'll ever have. Finding Jesus, and having a baby.

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