rebuilding the xe
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Thread: rebuilding the xe

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    rebuilding the xe

    what are the crucial/necessary parts to buy, when rebuilding the xe?and what about the cylinder head-regarding new guides and valve seats recut and all that stuff.cheers.

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    You DIY rebuilding the entire engine?? Just so we can give ya an idea of what bits ya might need.

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    > what are the crucial/necessary parts to buy,

    Need to know what year this c20xe enigne is, ie M2.5 or M2.8 system. Becasue the cam is different depending on year. If you have M2.8 make sure you replace the plastic roller for a GF25 item, not a GF50, see guide

    so you need the following

    1) top engine gasket kit
    2) bottom engine gasket kit
    3) head bolts
    4) cam belt kit (belt, rollers, tensioer)
    5) water pump

    It all depends what you get with head gasket kits, as after market items tend to have more in them than GM kits.

    > what about the cylinder head-regarding new guides and valve seats recut

    No need to do this unless there is a problem with it. Get the head checked for dimension and if its warped or not, see JohnA's site in tech section, think deck to deck hight is shown there.

    also if its KS head, it would be wise to get this repaired before (if) it goes porous in the future. Think v-tunning do its the cheapest, about 150, see my guide

    When doing the timing, don't rely on the bottom pully mark, it can 'slip'. Instead turn the crank until the notch on the bottom crank pulley is pointing downwards, there should be a matching notch in the oil pump housing. This is true TDC, you can't go wrong, see pic below, I've put tip-ex in the notchs so its easy to see

    But the most important part in all engine rebuilds, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. get to know what parts you need to buy, where they go and how your going to fit them, you'll need speical tools too. I got my parts from

    3) trade club discount at VX dealer via club calibra (50% off servicable parts)

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