i was reading a post on here about xe,s in a escort and someone was saying how the std axle wont take it?? what cr*p i have a scort with a tuned up starion engine/box admitedly with a slipper in the engilsh axle but there are plenty of ppl running hi output motors on the english axle and if its a worry there are uprated 1/2 shafts and of course the atlas axle all are simple swaps
the fiat tc that io saw mentioned is a fantastic engine in every way with ridiculas amounts of scrapyard upgrades/swaps for convenience the only pro in a scort is clearance for onnet and x member + the tunnel is too small for the std box if the engine is fitted up against the bulkhead but i think u may able to bolt on a lada a or fso box wich maybe smaller as far as the XE go,s another great engine but most ppl are geared towards upgrading it and im finding it hard to get info on just fitting as it is without expensive add ons that the original car managed fine without! also on the manat front i had about 4 of these wich responded very well by just bolting on a weber from a pinto or even better a weber from a renault v6 or ford v6 also i think some of them have a slipper as std?? anyone got any views/advise on this lot?