Hi all,
my younger bro has a nova 1.2 (carb)
Recently the car has started cutting out after a few minutes of driving, and not starting at all sometimes, it just sits there and turns over. When the car does start, which it hasnt now for a while,it runs very rough and is reluctant to rev at all! The car has been serviced a month ago with-new plugs,filter,oil,oil filter, dizzyetc so I dont think there is a problem there.
He took it to our local garage recently who did a compression test for him, and said cylinder 1 was down on compression(dont know how much). He can get a second hand engine fitted for 150 by them, but they cant do it for a week and he needs the car thursday so I am going to look at it.
What can be wrong? Symptoms being
1 car used to stutter then cut out, and not re start after no matter what.
2 Never starts now lol
3 garage said cyl 1 down on compression

What would be leading to this loss in compression? Any ideas welcome.