Are all nova shells engine mounting points the same ?
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Thread: Are all nova shells engine mounting points the same ?

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    Are all nova shells engine mounting points the same ?

    Are all Nova shells engine mounting points the same ? I've never owned a vauxhall b4 & never thought I would but I've been disqualified for a year, @ 21 with a DD40(Dangerous Driving) & 2 SP30s (Speeding) convictions I'm an Insurance nightmare !
    I used 2 run a 205 Mi16, with the pugs all the lesser models had different mounting positions from the GTIs.
    I've been offered a 1992 Nova 1.2 merit 4 next 2 nothing & my mate has a 1.6 GTE lump lying in his garage, b4 going any further I need to know if it will go straight in. Also, will I need to change the drive shafts and calipers or do the ones from the pathetic 1.2 do the job ie will they carry GTE discs & calipers and Konis ?
    Is there anything else I should consider, It seems only natural to have a stainless exhaust but does any1 know of 1 4 the GTE thats not loud, I'm trying to be inconspicuous here and dont need any attention from the pigs!
    Living in the west of Scotland surrounded with tarmac rally stage style backroads I cannot just accept that i should drive something which wouldn't pull you out of bed just so that I can ensure the bloody thing. Any advice would be very much appreciated cause I do all my work myself and to be brutaly honest, I can't be ****ed with hassle. CHEERS.
    Mad Scotsman.

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    All the mounts are the same, if your fitting a 1.6 in the 1.2 then you might want to consider getting the 1.6 fuel tank and fuel pump (fuel lines,etc) If your 1.2 is injection then it's still worth doing. If it's not then it's definately needs doing !!

    You need to put in the 1.6 driveshafts as there "Meatier"

    If your going to be racing around in a 1.6 then you'll need BIG Brakes. Such as Astra 16v, etc. Also you'll need the Master Cylinder and sevo off a 1.6, to make the braking even better. (Their crap with the orignal 1.2 master cylinder)

    The steering knuckle part, that the suspension and brakes fit onto are the same. So just swap the suspension, fit bigger discs and calipers. But if your going to get driveshafts, get the steering knuckle aswell. The easiest way of doing it.

    As for exhausts if you want something nice sounding but not loud, use the standard exhaust, but put a Janspeed backbox on it !

    It's all pretty easily to do, just a bit of extra wiring (fuel pump relay, ecu, etc) to do
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    do you intend to tell the insurance peeps about this? bear in mind that with your project you will have the same insurance group as a modded nova GTE and you may be surprised to hear that insurance would be CHEAPER yes CHEAPER if you put in a cav SRi engine (group 10). You can gett the insurance cheaper if you say the 1.6i engine is from an astra. Alternatives are the 1.4 and 1.6 16V. The valver prob wont cost more than the 8v to insure.
    A bit of further info about shells - if you just put the GTE engine in the 1.2 it will handle like shite - you need to put in AT LEAST front and rear anti-roll bars from an SR but preferably GTE/GSi anti-roll bars and tie bars. Worth changing the bushes at the same time. The GTE shell is also stronger and stiffer but dont worry about that.
    to use the big discs you need astra/cav 14" wheels minimum.

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    YES! The Nova TD has different O/S engine mount although it doesnt apply to you it maybe worth knowing.
    If the 1.2 is injection then there is no need to change the tank! the 1.2i has a much neater setup with the pump inside the tank.
    I run a 1.2i tank on my 2.0 16V with no problems.
    If it is a 1.2i, good luck with the wireing as the 1.2i engine loom is intragated into the car loom. i.e no plugs etc etc

    Not ALL GTE shafts are thicker they are normally the same thickness just some have a different number of splines on the CV.


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