> When I bought the car, it had the head reconned due to pourosity

Do you know who done the work and HOW they repaired it?
When a head has gone porous, oil gets in all the oil ways. To completeyl remove it is expensive, do the following
1) renew or repair the head
2) clean out the water ways in thge block
3) clean out or renew the radiator
4) renew or clean out ALL the coolant hoses
5) renew the water pump
6) clean out the inlet manifold water way

Some people in the past have just repaired the head, but on heavy porous issues, the oil is still in the rad or water ways in the block/pipes and just clogs back up again. On extreme cases the oil eats away at coolant pipes over a year or so and makes it weak, it bursts and they lose coolant and could warp the head extra due to the increased heat. You can't tell if your lossed the water unless you see a big trail behind your car in the rear view mirror.