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...You are quite correct that our units use some degree of magnet technology, together with having the best amalgam in the world, which is very important for saving fuel,
Amalgam, yeah, that's the one.
They also use Unobtainium, but that's harder to get hold of

our design gives approx 40% more coverage for the fuel to pass over. This also applies when we are making very large units for big ships.
If it wasn't for them, the Royal Navy would have sunk
... we make it a point never to discuss other designs or technologies,
that would be a slippery slope indeed...
our unit at 93.76 is extremely good value considering the technology.
Of course it's good value - for THEM
You will certainly notice the difference in your vehicle and the unit will keep the injectors clean, together with increasing the life of the lube oil, as it will have less carbon in it.'
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