turbo brake calipers
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Thread: turbo brake calipers

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    turbo brake calipers

    i want to fit calibra turbo calipers on my cav mk2 are the calibra turbo brake calipers on the back different to the rear ones on the calibra 16v and if i wanted to fit turbo calipers on the front what size discs would i need and what type of cost we looking at for the discs secondly to improve the braking would anything else have to be changed on the braking system etc eg servo etc.

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    lee may
    Not sure about the rear but up front you will need the calipers' 284mm disc's drilled to 4 stud (if you have 4 stud wheels) and pads. They will bolt onto your MK2 legs/hubs. There are a few places you can get 4 hole 284mm discs from. High_spec (where I get mine) which are about 150 a pair I think (Drilled) and Regal sell them to, dont know how much Regal charge, probably twice as much.

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