I just posted this and it went walkies, nevermind any way ive been posting on here b4 about a 1.8 conversion
and i just have a few questions before i go a head with it basically i want to put a 1.8 sohc engine with 1.8 early carlton carb or weber depending on finances.....

oh and the car is a 1.3 astra mk2 with 4speed (f10 box i think)

so what i want to know is can i keep the 4 speed box with the new angine as i mainly want it for low end torque and and acceleration as i rearly see the motorway

also what fuel pump will i need as i dont think the 1.8 ones run of the cam shaft

will any other part of the fueling need changing and lastly will the exhaust ive got be ok or is it to restrictive and not up to the job

i will proberbly upgrade gearbox , exhaust etc over time but im low on money but need more power cos ive been stuck with a 1.3 for 3 years now and its driving me nuts.......
please help