I have this problem (Not that kinda problem, lol).

My Carlton Died on me the other week, I belive I've found where in the system the fault lies but don't know what to do now.

I'm not getting a spark,

There is a pulse to the coil, (Checked this with my scope) with an peak-peak voltage of aprx 7.5V (this was with the car being jumped from another car) the battery voltage drops to 9V while being cranked.

I've replaced the Coil, with a second hand one and a new one.

I've tryed bypassing the dizzy cap and rotor arm by putting a NEW spark plug and lead straight from the coil to the body work, but nothing, no spark wot so ever.

I've taken the ECU apart but all seams fine in there, no burnt tracks.

Even me being a bit of an electrical wiz, I'm now lost.

Anyone else got any clue's?