Oil splattering on drivers side wish bone!
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Thread: Oil splattering on drivers side wish bone!

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    Oil splattering on drivers side wish bone!

    On my 90 'G' Astra GTE, the offside wishbone is wet with oil and has picked up grit and the like where as the near side is as dry as a bone!

    I've looked for oil leaks and replaced the rocker cover gasket as there was oil up at the top.
    Can't see where it could be coming from so any help would be appreciated.

    Yesterday I replaced the fan belt and power steering belt, fixed the power steering pump bracket as a bolt had gone missing!! and there is oil, grit and sh!t everywhere!! The oil filter, the brake pipes, the strut, the power steering pump and its bracket so it must be something this side of the engine.

    It goes through about a litre a month but there's no blue smoke at any time of day so it going somewhere!!

    Also, I cleaned out the airbox, air flow meter, plenum and butterfly and they were covered in oil as well - any ideas?

    Once again, any help will be greatly appreciated!!
    Best regards,


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    assuming you got an oil cooler take the filter off and undo the bolt / union that the filter screws on that will allow the sandwhich plate to come away, and clean and put loads of RTV sealant on it and fit a new filter be sure to put some oil on the seal first though as not to cause the seal to become unbonded. if still no good replace the Cranckshaft oil seal behind the cam belt crank pulley

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