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Thread: nova custom exhaust

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    Talking nova custom exhaust

    i just bought a remus backbox for my 1.2i nova last weekend and it seems fairly quiet so im going to make up my own exhaust.
    heres what i plan on doing:

    1. 4 branch manifold (got it real cheap)
    2. straight pipe to replace cat
    3. remus s/s backbox

    i thinking of taking the middle silencer out aswell leaving just the manifold, straight pipe and bacbox. is this wise?
    what diameter of pipe should i use bearing in mind that the manifold is made from 2" pipe.
    i would appreciate any suggestions, comments or ways of improving this setup.

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    Ok, im really really drunkbut here it goes...

    A 4-1 manifold will give you some top end power, but you will loose some mid range power.

    a normal 4-2-1 manifold will give you the normal mid range powerand keep the top end power so is best for normal road use.

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