Alright miggers,

Iíve got a Astra MK3 1.4i, now this has done 80,000 miles

When I first bought this car, the gear box was fine, over the following months it started to get stiffer and stiffer, in first and second gears. I went to a garage, they said that the gear box had no oil in it, and top up as required.

This didnít solve the problem, only helped a little bit.

The gear box has got that bad, that at the end of the night Iíve got a pain in my left shoulder.

The first and second gear only sticks / crunches when really really cold. I have to release and repress the clutch in the mornings or after work, after itís warmed up, the gear box becomes alright, only sticking a few times, I get the occasional crunch.

Has anybody got any ideas?

I cannot afford a new gear box right now in time.

Thanks for any advice.