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    by Published on 03-12-2010 09:18  Number of Views: 4332 
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    Auto Trader has recently started providing reviews of cars on their site to help prospective purchasers in selecting the bast car for their requirements and budget. I'm sure many MIGWeb users would have a review or two for cars they owned, but as added incentive, Auto Trader is giving 1,000 to each of the top 10 reviews submitted by 31st January 2011. The top review will also win and a days stint as an Auto Trader motoring journalist! ...
    by Published on 01-12-2010 12:25  Number of Views: 4568 
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    Doing your Christmas shopping online this year? Shopping online can save lots of cash over highstreet prices, but in addition, by using the following links you can help generate commission for MIGWeb which goes back into making the site and club a better place for our users and club members. Have a look through the list of websites below and please consider using them for your purchases. Just remember to click on them here to ensure we get a commission from them. ...
    by Published on 23-11-2010 12:56  Number of Views: 4470 
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    MIG Performance Vauxhalls has arranged another discount, but this time for all users of MIGWeb, not just our paying club members! This discount offers you a massive 35% discount off the price of a Total Vauxhall Magazine subscrption. All you have to do is click this link to make the savings! You could buy this for yourself, or how about treating someone else for Christmas? ...
    by Published on 10-04-2010 15:43  Number of Views: 8740 
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    Today I have upgraded the forum software to the latest version of vbulletin. You will notice major changes to the site and I'm sure it will take getting used to for all users. The new software also includes a new content management system which will be used for news articles.

    Once I am happy that the forums are running well, I will add additional styles so users can select the look of the site. There are currently two styles, 'Nova' and 'Astra'. You can select these at the bottom ...
    by Published on 10-04-2010 14:54
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    A new application has launched in the UK today called Tapatalk. It is an iPhone and iPod Touch app which allows you to use MIGWeb (and other participating forums) on your phone via a simple interface. You can view and post messages and PMs, view subscribed threads and much more. It is easy to use and more features are being added with every update.

    Software info: Tapatalk iPhone connects to your favorite discussion forum (with Tapatalk support activated), allows you to participate ...