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    MIG Performance Vauxhalls was set up by Michael Warner in 1997 as a way of learning how to produce a website. MIGWeb started out small, but quickly grew and was soon organising meetings at local events. After a while there were so many of us that we created MIGClub in 1998. Since then, MIGWeb and MIGClub have continued to grow making us now the largest and

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    Dewis Motorsport's supercharged Astra coupe 2.2

    Thread Starter: dewismotorsport

    Well the time came to finally buy myself a decent car instead of bombing around in cheap ****ters :pmsl: All though my last work bomber was a 100 Calibra 16v cost me 40 in bits to get it through...

    dewismotorsport Yesterday, 19:59 Go to last post

    Cavalier 4x4 Turbo (Opel) ..needs a respray

    Thread Starter: O2re

    Hi all of you.. Always liked to look at your projects threads .. migweb good source of inspiration This winter I realized that a respray was ...unavoidable and so I try to make an...

    Kev_G Yesterday, 10:37 Go to last post

    BMW E91 325d Touring M-Sport

    Thread Starter: Kev_G

    With a change in circumstances at home and within the family I recently put my Ep3 Civic Type R I loved up for sale as it was time to not do track days as much and concentrate on the family and with...

    Kev_G Yesterday, 20:41 Go to last post

    1950 Jaguar XK120 Roadster = The Rebuild.

    Thread Starter: GTE 16v

    Seems I have not done a thread on this one yet... Here goes.... Back in 2002 my Father (Jaguar John on here) purchased a very unwell, very early 1950 XK120 OTS. The car was complete but in many...

    Pitstoppete Yesterday, 21:11 Go to last post

    Over fueling

    Thread Starter: Mikecarew

    I have a 1.8 elegance zafira it over fuels the co2 emissions at idle are around 500 should be below 0.5 the ho2 is around 300 should be below 200 I've had it on a computer and the injection pulse...

    Mikecarew Yesterday, 21:36 Go to last post

    What are these bolts in the cylinder head?

    Thread Starter: PaulVXR56

    Recently I have changed my head gasket as it went :( Put everything back together and now the car is ticking really loud. I am assuming its the lifters filled with bad oil from the oil and coolant...

    PaulVXR56 Yesterday, 18:48 Go to last post