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    MIG Performance Vauxhalls was set up by Michael Warner in 1997 as a way of learning how to produce a website. MIGWeb started out small, but quickly grew and was soon organising meetings at local events. After a while there were so many of us that we created MIGClub in 1998. Since then, MIGWeb and MIGClub have continued to grow making us now the largest and

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    Dewis Motorsport's supercharged Astra coupe 2.2

    Thread Starter: dewismotorsport

    Well the time came to finally buy myself a decent car instead of bombing around in cheap ****ters :pmsl: All though my last work bomber was a 100 Calibra 16v cost me 40 in bits to get it through...

    dewismotorsport Yesterday, 21:24 Go to last post

    Astra 888

    Thread Starter: BazW

    I've been after one of these for ages. Either I didn't have the cash, when I had the cash there were none about or they had been messed around with. Luckily this time I had the cash, there was one...

    BazW Yesterday, 09:31 Go to last post

    Ben's Garage - Work safe edition!

    Thread Starter: Nemesis

    Okay I'll start from October 2014 and a new track car build. Since selling my Type-R and 911 I've been dying to build something very track focused! My goals are a sub 1min 45 lap of Cadwell Park and...

    BazW Yesterday, 16:41 Go to last post

    My Cav Turbo

    Thread Starter: cavyads

    seeing as ive never posted any pics on here before, i thought i would post pics of my cav turbo, ive had this about 2yrs now and its been a stesdy work in progress, its now running eds phase 1, a...

    cavyads Yesterday, 20:05 Go to last post

    bigrons zlet corsa c take 2

    Thread Starter: bigron1988

    after selling my last zlet corsa c i always wanted another , it was just the last one the shell was on high milage, the color was not the best and i just wasn't 100% happy with it , so when i project...

    bigron1988 Yesterday, 20:50 Go to last post
    GTE 16v-13007

    Satin Red Cavalier Diplomat

    Thread Starter: tonyo

    My car history hasn't been that varied, Mainly consisting of Mk2 and 3 Cavs, Vectras and The current Insignia, spattered with a couple of French that I'd rather not remember. Anyway, The one out...

    GTE 16v Yesterday, 20:02 Go to last post

    MK2 GTE 16v

    Thread Starter: cookie1984

    hi people this is my mk2.I don't realy go on here much but here goes, I bought this pretty much how it is Apart from the wheels and the mk3 dash it had fitted, Which was done properly but everybody...

    cookie1984 Yesterday, 21:23 Go to last post

    cavalier sri with a c20let to a b204 swap

    Thread Starter: K20tub

    Just joined up and been looking in here and thought i should start a tread for the build i am doing at the minute. A few months ago a wrote a list of about 10 cars i had when i was younger that i...

    humbucker Yesterday, 12:49 Go to last post

    Griffin Auto-Sport Racing - Jeds X30XE ALL MOTOR Corsa B *pic heavy*

    Thread Starter: JedDy

    Thought id give a build thread a go... il try and keep this updated with new PB's, events im hoping to get too and any major changes to the car. after a blown head gasket and then a thick heavy...

    JedDy Yesterday, 19:31 Go to last post

    my first project corsa b

    Thread Starter: rageakaphil

    hi all and wecome to my corsa b project it is a1.2 sxi got it last month as my first car planning on a gsi replica and maybe and engine swap i have started a few mods wich i will list soon but at...

    rageakaphil Yesterday, 22:00 Go to last post