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  • Change to the MIGClub Events Co-ordination

    It is with regret that Dave (GTE 16v) has decided to stand down as the events co-ordinator for MIG. I'm sure you will all agree that over the past three years he has done a sterling job and it will be a shame to see him stand down. The good news is that he will remain within the team and assist where possible with all areas. Your new Events co-ords are @ndy and myself. @ndy will be primarily dealing with the Castle Combe events and myself Billing, PV and TVL. Any issues though for either event can be directed to either of us.

    I hope that we can exceed your expectations of us and continue the good work done by Dave and his predessor.

    I think it is safe to say that we would like to thank you all for a great show season and hope to see you all over the course of next years shows. The more the merrier to show your resepct for your club

    Thank you

    Tintin (Mark)
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    1. GTE 16v's Avatar
      As Mark has said above, I am standing down due to a huge life changing commitment and lack of time, I will still be here behind the scenes as it were and will still be at most events next year.


    1. RobJenko's Avatar
      such a shame dave as you did a an awesome job of it.
    1. Kev_G's Avatar
      ^^ Echoing what Rob said, Thank you for your work and glad your staying about
    1. MikeWarner's Avatar
      Good job over the years Dave and good luck to those taking over!
    1. gsi13's Avatar
      Thanks for the effort that you put in you will be missed good to know you will still be about.
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