MIG Performance Vauxhalls - Leaked Images of the New Astra VXR
  • Leaked Images of the New Astra VXR

    Autocar are showing these leaked images of the next Vauxhall Astra VXR. It looks pretty much as expected based on the styling of current Vauxhall VXR models. The rear end look very reminiscent of the Astra H VXR, with the front end having a very Insignia look to it. Overall, it looks great. Autocar are also reporting that the next-gen VXR will get around 50bhp more, taking its power output to just shy of 300bhp. It will also feature a UK-honed and track-developed chassis designed to give it circuit performance to match that of the highly rated Renault, and take on Fordís forthcoming four-pot Focus ST.

    Original article:
    Vauxhall Astra VXR uncovered - Autocar.co.uk
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    1. Nemesis's Avatar
      Still front wheel drive?

    1. corsadonk's Avatar
      I love the swage lines coming from the door handles
    1. GTE 16v's Avatar
      very nice
    1. trickymicky's Avatar
      hmmm i wonder if it is going to be as good as the current vxr
    1. daddy cav's Avatar
      No 4x4 ..... my thoughts exactly .
    1. Sharon SR's Avatar
      Hmm I like
    1. novanovanova's Avatar
      looks like a vw scirocco
    1. BazW's Avatar
      Why do they have to be 4x4? The Focus RS and Megane R26R didn't need it to be quick, just hope this time the VXR get an LSD like they did. I just don't get why people think a fast car needs to be four wheel drive, if anything it makes them slower
    1. TheWelsh1's Avatar
      I wouldn't take any Autocar "exclusive" seriously. They've been shopping pictures for years and passing them off as "exclusives" when in reality it's just something like a Scirrocco with Vauxhall lights.
    1. Tom Williams's Avatar
      Looks like the new Renault Megane but still nice.
    1. MikeWarner's Avatar
      Indeed - that's why I phrased it as "Autocar is reporting....". Can't seeing it looking much different to that though - plus it matches the GTC concept from the Paris motorshow.
    1. daddy cav's Avatar
      Looking again I have to agree about the Scirocco .
    1. novanovanova's Avatar
      are gm trying to tell us there merging with vw
    1. daddy cav's Avatar
      Next door had a black one as a hire car for a week . I liked it .
    1. Benn's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by novanovanova View Post
      looks like a vw scirocco
      I agree. All new cars start to blend in to each other tho.
    1. vxlgsi's Avatar
      looks alright!
    1. MikeWarner's Avatar
      I don't think it looks like the VW Socorro - that has rounded edges and a wide butt. The Astra above is more angular. More like the Megan than the VW IMHO.
    1. vxlgsi's Avatar
      not sure its out of the box enough to draw peoples interest, and even with 300bhp it will be boring to drive, to refined and smooth....... and probably too heavy!

      i had more fun in a carlton gsi than i did in my old mk4 astra gsi!

      if you have 20k to blow on a sporty vauxhall, get a lotus carlton!
    1. MikeWarner's Avatar
      I have a feeling this might only be the SRi XP version - not the VXR. I think the VXR may be a bit more bonkers than this. Saying that - the colour is a bit lame - maybe a better colour would help.
    1. daddy cav's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by vxlgsi View Post
      if you have 20k to blow on a sporty vauxhall, get a lotus carlton!
      Bit old and most have rot , plus the sort of people who would buy the new VXR maybe the types that don't own a car over 5 years old max .
      They couldn't see spending 20k on an old barge .. not my thoughts but just trying to see the other side .
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