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    MIG Performance Vauxhalls was set up by Michael Warner in 1997 as a way of learning how to produce a website. MIGWeb started out small, but quickly grew and was soon organising meetings at local events. After a while there were so many of us that we created MIGClub in 1998. Since then, MIGWeb and MIGClub have continued to grow making us now the largest and most established Vauxhall site on the internet which caters for all models of Vauxhall cars.

    MIG Performance Vauxhalls Car Club became the first club to join the Vauxhall, Opel and Bedford Association (VBOA) after its initial launch. The VBOA is a Vauxhall backed association which brings together the best of the Vauxhall clubs around.

    There is now a large number of staff involved in running both the club and website which is all done in our free time and without pay. MIG Performance Vauxhalls is run as a non-profit making organisation which means all revenue goes back into making MIG a better place to be.
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    Becoming a MIGClub Member is very quick and easy using PayPal. Your MIGWeb user ID will be instantly upgraded and your welcome pack will be sent out within 28 days of purchase. Annual membership costs 10. You can check your membership status at any point by going to: User CP >> Paid Subscriptions

    Click Here to Join Now! You must be logged in to do this.Please ensure that your profile (user CP) details are up to date, to avoid any delays in your pack being sent out. If no details are filled in, It with be sent using the details of the paypal account holder ( i.e your mum, dad, sister, brother, girl/boyfriend or even your cat!.)

    Why should I join? Well, keep reading below for more information:
    Membership Pack
    On joining MIGWeb you will receive a membership pack containing one years Membership to MIGClub. Included in the welcome pack is a stylish MIGClub plastic membership card, a MIGClub sticker, a MIGWeb sticker, a MIGClub leather keyring and tax disc holder. Please note that pack contents may change due to availablity or last minute changes. Packs are typically dispatched within a few days of joining. Hhowever, under certain circumstances may take up to 28 days for delivery.
    MIGClub attends many events throughout the year. The main ones include Trax at Silverstone, the VBOA All-Vauxhall Rally at Billing Aquadrome, Track action days at Castle Combe race circuit, the Performance Vauxhall Show at Santa Pod and many more. MIG members usually have access to discounted tickets and show space through the club.
    As well as the events above, MIGClub has regional areas which usually organise monthly meetings and events. Typical events may include rolling road sessions, trips to race circuits, quarter mile drag racing at local strips and cruise attendance. There is no charge for being a part of your local region, make sure you contact your local co-ordinator for more info.
    MIG Discounts
    MIG staff have worked hard to put together a good overall discounts package. You can buy almost anything for your car and receive a discount by using one of our approved retailers. Members have been known to save upwards of 150 in a single order making the membership fee pay for itself in no time.

    We also now offer Vauxhall Trade Club discount available from most Vauxhall dealerships. This discount is available when purchasing service items such as oil, filters, exhausts, headlamps, alternators. The discounts vary, but is sometimes over 50% off. If you were to do an oil change with synthetic oil and change the oil filter, the saving on this alone would pay for your annual membership fee. Details of this are on your membership card which needs to be presented when purchasing items. A large full list of discounters is shown in the Discounts Forum in the members area (only members can view this).
    MIGWeb Benefits
    MIGClub Members have access to extra forums for club related and general talk away from the masses. Members gain access to the MIGClub archives which contain information about popular modifications and general informative articles and tools. Once you become a MIGClub Member, some Google Adsense advertising will disappear along with adverts asking you to join MIGClub.

    MIGClub members also get a larger PM inbox, ability to start polls, larger storage space in the Gallery, the option to add attachments to posts, the use of Avatars and more!
    MIG Performance Vauxhalls reserve the right to refuse membership applications without reason, change members benefits and pack contents at any time. Please note we cannot accept membership applications outside the United Kingdom.
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