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    by Published on 24-06-2017 20:31

    Hi guys,

    I'm happy to say we've set up a new Facebook group.
    This is rather than the original page, which was less user friendly and harder in words to use.

    The new group is nicer and easier to use, post photos on, tell us all about updates and bits you're doing to your cars, share show info and book up for shows.

    So please follow the link and go check out the shiney newness...

    MIG's new Facebook Group

    As well as that ...
    by Published on 19-04-2017 17:13
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    First show of the year, perfect weather, a packed venue with some superb and interesting motors and our stand was overflowing!! So did I have a good day? Nah was cack! Not once did anyone plough into each other in balls of fiery death! I mean what do you think we come to this show for?!

    OK I am lying it was fantastic, all sorts of gear for every taste and some impressive driving. Car of a show? Well for me it was all about the Ford ...
    by Published on 03-12-2016 09:56

    Thanks to a VBOA meeting today... Im very happy to say this... We have a VBOA @ date and new location!

    The VBOA national show for 2017 will be the 8th and 9th of July 2017. Will be at the Market Harborough show ground. More details will follow soon as i get them, plus booking threads too and event info.

    Benn ...
    by Published on 03-12-2016 09:56

    Just been confurmed. Next year there will be a extra PVS show. This time it will be more track based action. Little bit more info here, taken from PV Mag them selfs.

    As more info comes in ill let you know.
    Plus tickets and booking info.

    Ben ...
    by Published on 10-04-2016 17:37
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    First show of the year, awesome sunny weather and as always fantastic cars! I have to say the lack of mad drivers was a bit of a let down... but thats just me. However the drifting session at 12 did have a Mk2 escort kiss another drift car, but it was minor and as normal with the drifters it barely slowed them down.

    The car variety was a bit more wide than previous years, I have no idea what this new iridescent lens coating is but there was a lot of ...
    by Published on 17-02-2016 20:10

    From Ian Coomber, VBOA Chairman:

    "We have receieved the following request from Voltage TV. I have checked out the situation with Vauxhall who are working with Voltage on the project and are encouraging clubs to help if they can.
    "My name is Jordan and work for Voltage TV who make shows for all the national networks including BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery. Iím working on a new Channel 5 show called The Cars That Made Britain. It's a light hearted series which will be full of ...
    by Published on 17-02-2016 20:06

    Again from Ian:

    "My apologies for sending out a specific model request to all but its quicker for me to do it this way. Vauxhall are looking for Astra pictures to accompany an article in the Daily Mail. Tom Careless of Vauxhall PR explains the problem they have and how you or your members could help (and get in the Mail!).

    "Most of the pictures we have internally are staged promotional shots, while the Mail journalist thinks that in order for it to work he would like ...
    by Published on 05-10-2015 20:04
    Article Preview

    Ahh last show of the year at my favourite circuit and the first time my better half was able to join us to enjoy the awesome cars, epic fun but very unstable drifters and the normal racers who were running out of skill every 15 minutes or so!

    Thanks to our man Tintin we had an excellent parking spot near the competitors entrance in the main paddock, perfect location for accessing every aspect including the coffee stands which is ultimately the most ...
    by Published on 05-10-2015 18:51
    Article Preview

    Jap cars... like a LOT of jap hardware and plenty of air ride too which seems to be the weapon of choice for mega belly scraping low.

    Trax is always one of those shows that brings out the car modifiers with huge wallets or huge debt, the sheer amount of money and shiny things is awesome. Trax has a nice variety of modified cars surrounded by an awesome racing circuit with a style to suit almost every taste... yes that does include scantily clad young models who put ...
    by Published on 22-09-2015 21:23
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    Hey guys sorry about the delay in getting the report out, life got in the way. That being said every year the Retro Rides Gathering is one of the most unique and exciting events about so it's hard to forget (as long as you love old retro cars that is!).

    After a pothole dodging drive to the location at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb you get instantly subjected to awesome old cars intermixed with weird and wonderful hardware you have never seen before and will probably never ...
    by Published on 16-07-2015 19:51
    Article Preview

    The annual VBOA rally! I don't know about you guys but this is one of the highlights of my car related calender, minimal chav, maximum variety and disgusting Hawaiian shirts; what else can one ask for? Ok ok MAYBE a car with a decent paint job in my case but that didn't stop me showing it and actually winning something that wasn't a special needs trophy!

    We kick started off on Friday with awesome weather and an eagerness to actually do some work, my job as some of ...
    by Published on 15-06-2015 19:42
    Article Preview

    You know how sometimes you have a bad feeling about a show? After reading the new rules set down by the new Performance/Total Vauxhall magazine owners I expected pandemonium, screaming, manic traffic, angry VXR owners, some guy running around in the background waving his arms in the air and cats and dogs living together..... but in reality aside from a bit of a rush to get in before the deadline everything worked out really well! The Sun was cooking everyone, we had plenty of new ...
    by Published on 07-01-2015 10:08
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    MIGClub Will be attending the following events in 2015.

    Please check the Event forums for more information.

    VBOA Spares Day is on Sunday March 1st 2015.

    Castle Combe Spring Action Day 25th April.

    Viva Vauxhall @ Crail Raceway -

    PV Show 2015 will be bursting into Santa Pod Raceway on Sunday 7th June 2015.

    Castle Combe Classic and Retro Day is on Sat 28th June 2014. ...
    by Published on 18-09-2014 22:35
    Article Preview

    Well... it's the end of summer, the weather is getting dodgy and it's the last show on the MIG calendar - It's bound to go tits up right!?? Wrongo!

    We had a packed MIG show stand, all sorts of crazy powered metal, some epic (and often scary) racing, sunshine! and great friends.
    It was an early start for everyone and I arrived sporting a cool outfit, rusty Carlton and a mild coma. The action pretty much started as soon as I arrived, luckily for us all our cars ...
    by Published on 08-09-2014 19:43
    Article Preview

    Several weeks ago I think it's safe to say everyone in the UK had accepted that Summer was over and the last few shows were going to be cold, wet and miserable; and yet MIG seemed to pick the best year to return to Trax with a hot summer's day!

    Racing, drifting, lots of big power cars and some weird and wacky stuff too! The racing saw a few mishaps, a few drifters ended up in the sand trap and randomly one loosing a wheel! That's what happens when you let the apprentice ...
    by Published on 15-07-2014 20:52
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    MIG have been my hosts at VBOA Billing for 10 years and have never failed to impress, this year was no different. This was my first year as part of the MIG Admin team which as far as I could tell involved me wearing a funky MIG shirt with my name on (I am assuming so I couldnít forget it) and making strange hand gestures at members as they tried to park their cars, odd perhaps but never the less my fellow admin seemed happy with my performance.

    As always the calibre of memberís ...

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